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  • Student-tutor relationship
  • Student progress
  • The tutoring session

Student-tutor relationship

I am concerned about the well being of my student. What can I do to help?

If a student alleges abuse by an adult, you must ensure that a Reading Partners staff person is notified so a Child Protective Services report is filed within 48 hours. If any of the following arise, you should immediately report the information to a Reading Partners staff member so appropriate steps can be taken:

  • Incidents of physical harm, verbal threats of harm, and racial or other intolerances that occur between students, tutors, volunteers, and/or staff during Reading Partners sessions.
  • Suspicion of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse and neglect.
  • Other unusual incidents or concern for student well­being

How can I get my student to be more interested and/or focused during our tutoring session?

Your first resource for help as a tutor is always your site coordinator, who is trained to support both your needs and those of the students. Site coordinators can suggest specific strategies to meet student needs, have conversations with students to support you, and seek input from teachers about what works in the classroom. In addition, we suggest you review the Tips for Student Engagement Checklist and Setting an Agenda video for specific strategies you might find helpful.

Is it acceptable to buy my student a gift?

Giving student gifts is sometimes prohibited due to individual school policies. Please make sure to check with your site coordinator before bringing anything for your student. Tutors may sometimes give small gifts to the student, such as a book that has been pre­approved by the site coordinator. Gifts of candy, food, toys, or any other sort cannot be given to students.

Student progress

Can I contact my student’s parent/guardian to discuss tutoring and reading at home?

All student interaction must take place only at the reading center and with the supervision of Reading Partners staff. Reading Partners cannot give tutors permission to interact with students outside of the Reading Partners environment. Permission for interaction with students outside of Reading Partners can be given only by the school or school district. In addition, tutors should never share their personal contact information with students, including but not limited to home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, online contact information or any addresses.

How do I know if my student is making progress over time?

Reading Partners site coordinators assess student four times throughout the year. Assessment results and the goals for student progress are shared in the student folder via the Instructional Reading Plan (IRP). In addition, all sites have progress monitoring systems in place. If you are concerned about your student’s progress, talking to your site coordinator is a first step. Your site coordinator can share observations and insights, as well as information collected from the student’s teacher.

Can I meet with my student’s teacher to learn more about my student and his/her progress?

Tutors who pick up and/or drop off students should be considerate of both the instructional flow of the classroom and confidentiality of student information. All questions and/or concerns about a student should be directed to the site coordinator, who serves as the liaison between the tutor and the student’s classroom teacher. We ask that tutors schedule themselves to be in the reading center at least 10 minutes before and after each session. This is an ideal time to discuss student progress, challenges, and action plans with the site coordinator.

How do I know if my student understands what is being taught?

Students sometimes need to revisit topics several times before a concept is cemented, which is a normal part of the learning process. To learn more about this topic, you can download the ‘checking for understanding’ checklist. If you feel you have reviewed a topic several times and the student is not comprehending, make sure to reach out to your site coordinator for assistance.

The tutoring session

Can I prepare for my tutoring session outside of the reading center?

At this time, Reading Partners does not make curriculum materials available outside of the reading center. By arriving to your tutoring session at least 10 minutes early, you can review the day’s lesson and discuss individualized strategies with the site coordinator. Tutors can also review videos and material throughout the Volunteer Hub.

Why can’t I spend more time reading aloud to my student during our tutoring session?

The Tutor Read Aloud is included so students have an opportunity to hear good reading. The Reading Partners program focuses on the specific skills needed to be a good reader. These are introduced and practiced through our curriculum and should be the focus of your time with the student.

If you find that your student is excited about a particular book during the Tutor Read Aloud, you can always have your student write their name on a post­-it note to mark where you left off, then continue the story in the next session. You can also find additional information about the timing of tutoring sessions in the preparing for session section and tutor notes video.

Can I bring outside books and materials into my tutoring session?

Research has confirmed that when our curriculum is implemented as designed, students make progress in reading. If you feel your student will benefit from additional strategies, please discuss concerns with your site coordinator. They can determine if additional materials can be incorporated into the tutoring session appropriately.

We sometimes allow tutors to bring read aloud books to better meet student interests. Prior to bringing outside books or introducing them to the students, please discuss with the site coordinator to ensure they are approved and appropriately leveled for the student.